The Benefits of Lightkeeper

The Lightkeeper, LLC® Portfolio Intelligence platform provides
Hedge Fund investment professionals with an efficient, light-weight, mobile and
highly configurable software solution for portfolio analytics and reporting.

Bring Your Portfolio to Life

Display key statistics as interactive charts and tables.

Fast, Intuitive, Configurable

Define your fields to aggregate and filter data.

Desktop and Mobile Ease

Works where you are — the same interface from any Internet-ready device.

Interactive Reports

Dynamic reports configured seamlessly into your specific workflow.

Automated Delivery

Choose when, what, and how you want your information delivered.

Cloud Ready

Deployed leveraging your preferred technology platforms.

To learn more about Lightkeeper — please contact us: | HQ: 280 Congress Street, 12th Floor, Boston, MA 02210 | 877.872.7177 | 917.747.0718